GETAWAY CAR - A young woman's day takes a turn for the worse when she's found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Get Away Car Trailer
HAIRCUT - An impossible love stirs feelings of doubt in a young Muslim man when he walks into a Chinatown salon and meets a gentle Chinese hairdresser on the day of his wedding.
Haircut Trailer
Spectrum - KEME Productions Produced their first independent short film ‘Spectrum’ in 2012. A short film depicting the contrasting lives of two individuals in the same city.
Check out the film.
KEME Productions
Captive Love Images
Captive Loveat the Italian Comtemporary Film Festival - ICFF

Captive Love Trailer

COVER SONG  is a vibrant new musical based on the best cover songs of our time. As a journey of love unfolds, you learn fascinating trivia about the songs and their artists. COVER SONG Trailer
NIGHT and DAY- KEME Productions produced ‘Night and Day’ a CD with the vocal talents of Michael Esposito II.  It can be purchased on iTunes.  Visit Michael’s page for any other upcoming singing events.
LOVE COIN - KEME Productions created a piece for Clay and Paper Theatre’s ‘Day of Delight Festival.’ The piece, titled ‘Love Coin’ was created by Kristina Esposito and collectively devised by the cast.   The piece centered on a young couple separated by war.  The only thing keeping the couple connected is a unique, hand made coin that represents their love. http://